Know the best gifts for Tesla owners for surprising your loved ones

There are a large number of people who are buying Tesla and if you want to surprise a Tesla owner and offer a personalized experience to him/her then you will need to look for the best gifts for Tesla owners. Moreover, the right kind of gift can be the best way of expressing your love to the model 3 owner so that you will not have to worry about finding the perfect gift. But when buying a gift, you should keep in mind the specific model of Tesla for making sure that you will select the best accessories based on their car brand. Additionally, you will get access to a large number of accessories offered by Tesla so that you will love the exclusivity and privilege of giving a perfect gift to the member of Tesla family.

The best gifts for Tesla owners is the simple coffee mug that comes with minimalist Tesla branding as it is a perfect accessory that you can give to a Tesla owner. The glossy and attractive Tesla logo offers an elegant look to the matte black finish of the mug and it is similar to the real products of Tesla. Another option is the glass screen protector as it is a perfect gift that the Tesla owner will love as it will keep the massive touch screen of the vehicles safe from smudges and fingerprints. The glass screen protector is very important accessory that will enhance the beauty and functionality of the navigation unit of the brand new Tesla car.

A Tesla desktop supercharger of the Tesla model 3 can also work excellently with model 2 as well and when you a Tesla owner and want to surprise him/her then you should opt for wireless charger. It offers a clutter free and convenient set up in the car because it only requires Tesla port for getting the best charging point.

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