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In recent times, neon signs have shot into popularity. In both commercial and residential spaces, neon signs are an excellent way to spice things up. As there are numerous neon sign stores available in the market and online, it can be quite overwhelming to choose a store that is authentic. If you are looking for an online store for neon signs, look no further. MyNeon Store is a one-stop solution for different types of neon signs.

About MyNeon Store

MyNeon was started by students living in a flat who just wanted to make some extra cash. Staying in a mold-infested student apartment that was way costlier than it should be, the students felt the need to somehow bring the place to life. In such circumstances, a bunch of passionate students created the first neon sign, and thus, MyNeon was born.

After creating the first product, things started progressing, slowly but steadily. The team created neon signs for family and friends to make some money on the side. When the business started slowly picking up, the team started researching how to bring this brand to the world.

With time, they developed LED neon, an innovative and brighter approach in the world of neon signs. The team at MyNeon is dedicated to developing beautiful designs as per the needs of the customers at a considerably lower price than other brands in the market.

Why choose MyNeon?

Amongst the numerous neon sign brands available in the industry, MyNeon is a favorite among customers. Here are a few reasons why you should choose MyNeon.

Handcrafted with love

At MyNeon, the skilled team produces each and every design by hand. The quality of products is uncompromised and the best in the industry. Only after rigorous quality checks, the products are supplied to customers with a twelve-month full warranty.

Free Shipping

In the age of exuberant shipping fees at online neon stores, MyNeon provides free shipping of products all across the globe. You do not have to worry about high shipping costs while buying beautiful neon signs from MyNeon.

Price Guarantee

MyNeon guarantees to match the price of any other cheaper quote that customers may find on other websites.

Neon with Superior Features

Unlike other brands, MyNeon produces signs with myLED Neon technology. These lights and signs are dimmable. What’s more, they can flash or pulse as well depending on the client’s needs.

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